Being a Parent at MTA
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Being a Parent at MTA

Welcome to MTA’s Parent Page where you will learn about upcoming education and empowerment trainings, workshops, and special events designed to directly impact you and your family.  It is our goal to serve as a resource for our parents, grand-parents, and guardians.  We recognize and value your role as “First Educator,” and collectively we will work together to ensure your child’s complete success, health and wellness.

Throughout the school year we will offer opportunities for you to actively be involved and volunteer with [Merit Prep or MTA}.  We need you! Your voice and participation are vital to the education process and overall success of our students.  It is our sincere hope that you will make a commitment to partnering.  Did we mention there are perks to being a “Parent Plus Partner” (details coming soon)?

We welcome your feedback, recommendations and questions.  Please feel free to email or or contact our elementary or middle school campus. If you would like to sign up to serve as a volunteer, fill out the form below. This year promises to be one of excitement, growth, impact and success! 

We look forward to you taking part in the journey.


Yours in Service and Education,

Parent Engagement Team

MTA Parent Volunteer Inquiry Form